In what many Palestinians are calling “Gaza’s 9/11,” Israeli warplanes today destroyed the 12-story “Zafir 4” residential tower in Gaza City’s Tal al-Hawa neighborhood.

This video captures the moment. It appears that the building was struck by two missiles.”


Fuck you, Israel! 

Fuck you, America!

Fuck all the Arab nations that are too cowardly to speak up! We see you for the house negroes that you are!

This is Israel’s preferred and specialized mode of combat: total devastation of civilian infrastructure. Ultimately it’s just racial war: all evidence indicates that Israel simply does not believe in universal standards of human rights, and prefers instead a more “instructional” form of warfare. You have to teach the “Others” a lesson, hit them where it hurts. Blowing up ten guys with guns accomplishes nothing, because, in the racist imagination of Israel, ALL Palestinians support the annihilation of Israel. Therefore, to the Israeli racist, all Palestinians are legitimate targets. This is precisely the “terrorist mindset” which Israel supposedly despises in its enemies. Don’t blow up the fighters. Blow up their children and blow up their neighbor houses, so that their neighbors turn on them. If a single bullet is fired from a town, bulldoze the entire neighborhood, reduce it all to rubble. Then maybe they will learn. It’s not war - it’s sadism, its’s chastisement - something you would do to a disobedient dog.

Clearly Israel could kill far more. But it is equally clear that Israel is deliberately killing civilians in quite ridiculous numbers, and to pretend that this is an accident is just insane.